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Understanding custom battery packs: options and applications

Many electronic systems can benefit from using customised battery packs that can be installed quickly to reduce product assembly costs, are designed to fit snugly into the available space, and facilitate easy connection to both the systems and to chargers...

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Improving process control through more precise pressure/temperature switch design

Switches that are designed to activate in response to temperature, pressure or other pre-defined physical variables are found in processes ranging from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals...

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Building in the advantages of USB 3.0 connectivity

The convergence of different types of smart computing and consumer devices, in conjunction with new media formats and large and inexpensive storage, means that user applications are requiring significantly more bus bandwidth to meet increasing demands for fast data connectivity between PCs, peripherals and a myriad of consumer devices...

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CEC Level V implications for designers

From April 1st 2011 CEC-V efficiency became a requirement for CE marking of power supplies. Dave Mellor explores the implications

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Cooling Power Supplies

A comparative analysis of power supply single speed air mover and an entire electronics enclosure system fan.

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